Rule 4. Stormwater - No permits are required but..

A review of the MPCA, NPDES Application is required for any development of property or a series of projects in close proximity resulting in the creation of one acre or more of Impervious Surface ("Impervious Surface Property"). Within 5 days of submitting the MPCA, NPDES application to MPCA, the applicant must submit a copy of the NPDES permit to the District, together with a site plan, stormwater pollution and prevention plan (SWPPP), and drainage summary for the project. The site plan and drainage summary will detail the "pre" and "post" project runoff rates, impervious surface areas, watershed areas, and proposed stormwater facility designs versus NPDES and District requirements.

Rule 5. Drainage - A permit is required if.....

1. If you are cleaning a ditch (public or private) including trees, shrubs and sediment, you need a permit.
2. Construction, reconstruction or laying of any bridge or culvert, you need a permit.
3. Driveway culverts may not require a permit, please contact the office to clarify.
4. If making Improvements, "enlarging, extending, straightening, or deepening of existing Open Ditch or Public Drainage System", you need a permit.

Rule 6. Floodplain - A permit is required if.....

1. Alteration or filling of land below the projected 100 year high water elevation of a waterbody or detention area. 2. Construction of a structure with a low floor elevation lower than the 100 year floodplain.
Floodplain line is defined by FEMA or another source as acceptable to the CRWD.

Rule 7. Waterbody Alterations - A permit is required if.....

1. If you are intentionally flooding land, enlarging a wetland or other Waterbody by means of diversion, detention or impoundment, you need a permit.
2. If you are constructing, installing, or altering of a Water Control Structure in any Waterbody, you need a permit.
3. If you are diverting water into a different Hydrological Unit, you need a permit.

Rule 8. Erosion Control - No permits are required but..

1. Land disturbing activities greater than one acre must submit copies of MPCA stormwater permit applications including erosion and stormwater runoff control plans. Before work begins, the District must have an opportunity to review and comment on plans.
2. All land disturbing activities less than one acre and greater than 2500 square feet are required to have a erosion and sediment control best management practices in place. See rules for list of best management practices.
3. Agricultural land within the District must control erosion to rates no greater than soil loss tolerances as defined by NRCS /RUSLE 2.