Cedar Scenes Photo Contest


  • May 6th - October 6th, 2024


  • Cedar River Watershed in MN
    • This includes: Cedar River, Little Cedar River, and the creeks of Dobbins, Turtle, Wolf, Rose, Roberts, Lansing, Orchard, Otter, Ramsey, Woodson, and others. (exception: Cedar River in Iowa from border to Otranto County park).


  • Image must show water from Cedar watershed or a scene along water (ex. deer on shoreline; eagle in tree above river.)
  • Image must be yours or photographer gave permission to use and the photo can be new or old.
  • Can send in as many pictures as you want
  • Submitted photos can be shared by CRWD with the public


  • Weekly prizes:
    • limit of two photo entries per person per week. winners chosen by the CRWD get $15 in chamber bucks
  • Grand Prize:
    • each photo is one entry into an October drawing for a kayak sponsored by Austin Runnings

Ways to Submit:

  1. Facebook - tag CRWD in post, post on CRWD's page, or send in pictures via Messenger : www.facebook.com/cedarriverwd
  2. email CRWD @ tim@mowerdistrict.org