This outline provides an overview of CRWD's permit process and steps required to obtain a permit IF your property is within CRWD's political boundaries (see MAP).

1. Review Summary of Rules to determine if you need a permit.
2. If a permit is required, project will be required to meet permit application submittal requirements. If help is needed with submittal, please contact the District office at 507-434-2603, or refer to the Permit Resources page.
3. Set up scoping meeting with District staff regarding project.
4. Submit initial permit application and exhibits as noted in permit application submittal requirements.
If Board approval is required, application must be submitted and deemed complete ten business days prior to the next Board Meeting in order to be on the agenda. The board typically meets on the third Wednesday of the month.
5. After approval, permit will be sent to the applicant designating conditions of the permit and time period in which the permit is valid. Applicant is responsible for all other permits.

*the Applicant may be responsible for additional fees (eg. Engineer review, legal review, etc...)

Permit Application

(Fill out this form on your computer, then print it off, sign it and include with the other required documents that you will turn in to the CRWD office.) Download Permit Application