The CRWD Board has announced that the 10 year WMP is complete.  The final Plan is now available on the web.  You can view a summary of the plan here or view the entire plan below. 

If you have any questions, contact Bev Nordby at 507-434-2603 or via e-mail- bev.nordby@mowerswcd.org 

CRWD Final Watershed Management Plan

(These are large files, so please be patient.)

Because the complete plan is such a large file, it has been broken down into sections. These files are all in pdf (adobe reader) format. You can also view the complete Plan in one file below, but it may take a while to download because it is a large file.

Cover Page and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Executive Summary
Chapter 2 - Physical Environment Inventory

Chapter 2 - Figures

figure 2-1_land_use
figure 2-2_topography
figure 2-3_watersheds
figure 2-4_subatersheds_north
figure 2-5_subwatersheds_south
figure 2-6_soils
figure 2-7_groundwater_sensitivity
figure 2-8_public_waters
figure 2-9_wetland_inventory
figure 2-10_water_quality_monitoring
figure 2-11_impaired_waters
figure 2-12_fema_flooding
figure 2-13_natural_heritage

Chapter 3 - Assessment of Issues
Chapter 4 - Goals, Objectives and Actions
Chapter 5 - Implementation Program
Chapter 6 - References
Complete Watershed Management Plan
(Large file 11 mb, may take a while to download)

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