To reduce stream flows and protect and improve water quality in the Watershed.

Formed in 2007 to reduce stream flows and protect and improve water quality in the Cedar River Watershed District in Mower, Dodge, Freeborn and Steele counties, all within the State of Minnesota. Our watershed district covers 45 miles of the rivers course. The Cedar River Watershed District has a 434.7-square-mile drainage basin of mostly fertile farmland.


* NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Root River Watershed One Watershed, One Plan Policy Committee will have a special meeting to be held at the Fillmore County Office Building, Rm 108, Preston, MN, beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, March 2, 2015 for the following purposes:

1) To receive and accept the reports of the President and Secretary regarding the business of the Committee;

2) To establish a regular meeting schedule day and time;

3) To begin work on watershed planning structure with consultant;

4) To consider proposed Public Kick-off meeting items;

* CRWD Board Revising Rules -45 day review period has begun

* Fall 2014 Newsletter

* CRWD Tire Clean-up
      Hits 1100

* CRWD Receives Major State
      Grant for Water Quality!

* 2014-2015 Plan of Work



Monthly Board Meeting:

Wednesday, March 18
6:00pm Regular Meeting
Mower SWCD/CRWD Office
1408 21st Ave NW, Austin, MN


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