River-level info for the Cedar River State Water Trail now is available online by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Read more about it here. The Cedar River State Water Trail runs for 25 river miles in Minnesota and was launched in 2012 after an intiative led by the Cedar River Watershed District. For more, go to the DNR's Cedar River State Water Trail website.

CRWD's 5-year plan to improve water quality

Nearly $8 million in projects are planned on the Cedar River and Dobbins Creek. For more, read this pamphlet.



Available online here or hard copies for pickup at the CRWD/Mower SWCD office, 1408 21st Ave. N.W., Austin.

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CRWD monthly board meeting:

Wed., Nov. 16, 2016, at 6:00 PM
Mower SWCD/CRWD Office
1408 21st Ave NW, Austin, MN

Meeting agenda

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October column

Here's the monthly column by the CRWD/Mower SWCD.

YouTube video channel launched

Check out the new CRWD/Mower SWCD channel offering informative videos as well as soothing clips of local water features.



Project levy

CRWD will fund up to 12% of its $8.4 million, 5-year Capital Improvement Project for water quality and flood reduction with a project levy approved Aug. 17 by the CRWD Board of Managers. More info:

Media release on CRWD's approved levy

Project levy summary document

Levy assessment summary document with estimated tax increases